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Hey everybody. My name is Jared Compaleo and I am a senior biological sciences major at WSU. After graduating, I plan on pursuing my phd in either microbiology or virology. I created this website to fulfill the requirements of my Eco-Narratives class (BIO 4010). This website will cover four different assignments throughout the class, Eco-postcards, Nonhuman story, Place history, and Encounter narrative. Thanks for visiting my page!

Reflection: The aim of this website was to showcase my progression and understanding of writing various eco-narrative assignments. At first, I was a little uneasy about writing fictional stories, since I am a Bio major after all. As I wrote more assignments, I came to really enjoy this class and learned how important it is to weave scientific topics with interesting narratives. I found the Nonhuman Story to be the most difficult assignment to write, but also the most satisfying. I want to thank Dr. Jennings and Dr. Rooney for helping me develop an interest in creative writing that I never knew I had.


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